Best Wireless Earphones Under 2000 | Top Picks Of The Year

Looking for a best wireless earphones under 2000? Then check out this list given in this article. Wireless earphones is one best companion for you during your travel. Especially if you are traveling alone, having an earphone can open a lot of possibilities other than just scrolling through your social media feeds without a plan.

If you have an earphone with you, among a lot of other things you can do during the travel, you can listen to your favorite songs and fall asleep. You can even listen to your favorite podcasts, or watch the new video your favorite YouTuber just updated. Although having an earphone can have a lot of annoying things along with it.

The wires of the usually wired earphones entangled every now and then, which is really annoying and tiresome. Another unfortunate thing that could happen when you attempt to make your earphone wires right is that you can accidentally tear it.

This can even cause just one side of your earphones to stop working. Although it does not seem much of a problem, after a few days of using it this way, you will experience severe headaches. Considering all these problems, we have a really helpful product out on the market- wireless earphones.

These wireless earphones connect using Bluetooth technology and choosing one out of so many choices is really difficult.

How to choose BEST wireless earphone?

best wireless earphones under 2000

These are the factors to consider before you buy a good wireless earphone:

  • Connectivity and compatibility: Major factor to be considered while buying a wireless earphone is its compatibility with your device. Also, check if it connects smoothly with your device.
  • Sound quality: Always go for the ones with good sound quality. Also, check for features like noise cancellation if available.
  • Brands: Always go for known and established brands, over any other earphone. By choosing branded ones over the others, you are choosing an earphone that is more reliable.
  • Battery life: Unlike your wired earphones, these wireless ones will be running on a battery. So the battery life is important while choosing one.


best wireless earphones under 2000

boAt Rockerz

best wireless earphones under 2000

Realme Buds

best wireless earphones under 2000

OnePlus Bullets

review of best wireless earphones under 2000


boAt Rockerz 255 Pro - Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 2000

best wireless earphones under 2000
  • The boat rockerz 255 pro is lightweight and extremely stylish in design, without compromising the comfort of the person wearing it.
  • As all boat products, the sound design, and output are amazing that you can now hear all your favorite tunes in full HD.
  • The headset has an amazing battery life that supports fast charging and can be used for 6 hours straight. While the time it takes to get fully charged in just 1 hour.
  • The boat rockerz provides you with amazing noise cancellation and also has your device fully protected against water and sweat.
  • The earphone comes with a neckband design that is comfortable to wear. The buds have got magnets in it which helps it stick to one another when hanged down so that no tangling occurs.

The boat rockerz is a series of wireless headset launched by boat, known for its amazing audio quality. The wireless series includes both headphones and headsets.

Do you love colors? Then you can choose between yellow, red, blue and teal green. This fast charging earphones gets charged in just an hour. Also, it has got high voltage protection.

Since this earphones has A2DP feature, dual connectivity is present and you will not experience any kinds of drops. However, this best wireless earphones under 2000 over here is reliable, affordable and our first suggestion in this list.


  • The best quality at this price range.
  • Branded product and hence has a reliable lifetime.
  • Comes with a one-year manufacture warranty, just in case.


  • Minor compatibility issues with some devices.


Realme Buds Wireless

best wireless earphones under 2000
  • The real buds wireless provides you great quality sound and the best bass possible in this price range.
  • The design of Realme buds are extremely lightweight and stylish, made perfectly for your comfort.
  • They have an easy-access remote system to control your headset with ease.
  • You can separate the buds when in use and snap them back together to power-off when not in use, thanks to the MFP technology(Magnetic Fast Pair).
  • To be noted is their excellent battery life. The Realme buds have a complete battery life of 12 hours after a complete charging time of 2 hours. This is an excellent battery life considering its market price.

Realme buds wireless is a single wireless Bluetooth connected headset series launched by Realme. Although Realme is known for its budget price accessories.

It comes with a three button remote using which you can control your music, handle your phone calls and a Google assistant with 3 tactile inline button. This is a premium headphone which has a neckband design that comes along with a tangle free memory metal strig that ensures a great experience.

This best wireless earphones under 2000 was a real path breaker providing the best possible audio quality at this price range. This is why we feel Realme buds should be placed second on this list.


  • Amazing sound quality and comfort while using.
  • A complete classy look.
  • It has an amazing battery life which just steals the spotlight.


  • It can connect only one device at a time, which is disappointing for a few.


OnePlus Bullets - Best Bass Earphones Under 2000

best wireless earphones under 2000
  • These bullet's wireless z earphones from one plus are extremely lightweight and available in a wide variety of colors.
  • The sound quality is pretty decent and can be called worth your money.
  • Since this earphone comes with a low latency mode, it will get an immersive real-time audio experience.
  • Features like QuickSwitch, Magnetic control and QuickPair gives you easy listening.
  • The headset has an amazing battery life of 10 hours with just 10 minutes charging time. However, it can be charged only using a type C cable like most of the other one plus devices.

Third, on our list of best wireless earphones under 2000, is the bullets wireless Z series from one plus. And not to say more, the bullets z series is the best, to be noted is their amazing battery life, and easy to pair and use mechanism.

This earphone gives you the freedom to move. So go wherever the music leads you. You need not worry about the distance between you and your device. There is a function button present which allows you to switch between two paired devices like laptop and phone without any hassle.

Also, it is compatible with all smartphones. You are given different color options like blue, black, oat and mint. Choose your style!


  • Amazing battery life, up to 20 hours.
  • Light-weight
  • The easy pair and switching between paired devices.


  • The audio quality is only decent but not as good as expected.


Sony WI-C200 - Best Sports Earphones Under 2000

best wireless earphones under 2000
  • The Sony WI -C200 is stylish and follows an all around the neck design that keeps you comfortable during the use.
  • The sound quality is amazing and is compatible with all the devices.
  • Using the multi-function button, you can do one-touch hands-free calling you.
  • The connectivity is pretty fast and amazing; that does not you waiting long.
  • 9mm driver unit offers clear sound quality.
  • It has a battery life that lasts up to 15 hours, which is obviously amazing for the price it is offered in.

Featuring fourth in our best wireless earphones under 2000 list is WI-C200 from SONY. Sony has always produced quality products known for its sound quality. The WI- C200 is in no way an exception to it. 

The WI- C200 is known for its exceptional and stylish design that prioritizes user comfort above anything else. Since it has a around-the-neck design which makes you more comfortable. 

You can check the news, weather etc more with your voice using Google Assistant or Siri. So to access them just press the multi-function button twice and get instant access to Google assistant or Siri.

They do not comprise the quality of sound and bass too. So considering all the key factors, the Sony WI-C200 is definitely worth the buy. No more getting stuck with wired headphones, enjoy listening to music


  • Quick charging feature.
  • Amazing battery life.
  • Good design and sound quality.
  • Worth the money.


  • Gets heated easily.


Mivi ThunderBeats - Best Bluetooth Headset With Mic In India

Mivi ThunderBeats Bluetooth Earphones
  • As always, the earphones are lightweight and also are thoroughly protected with its metal finish.
  • The sound quality is just as amazing as any branded headset would give you, and not to mention the bass.
  • The latest Bluetooth technology allows up to a 30 feet range of connection and you can pair with 2 devices at once.
  • The Mivi thunder beats have a decent battery life of up to 8 hours usage with just one complete charge.
  • Also, the headsets are sweatproof and waterproof, so now you don't have to worry about your headsets when you workout.

Looking for a stylish wireless earphones? Then check out this rugged, metallic exterior body of Thunder Beats magnetic buds.

The thunder beats are wireless Bluetooth headsets from Mivi that have been made with immense care to provide you with the best quality sound and bass without compromising the stylish look.

The earphones are not just the best in their sound quality, but also offer some exclusive and interesting features like IPV5 protection against sweat and water, which is surely a surprise for an earphone at this range of price. Over this is a best wireless earphones under 200.


  • The design is stylish and perfect to use.
  • The battery life is convincing.
  • Travel-friendly


  • The bass is overpowering and sometimes becomes irritating while using.


JBL E25BT in-Ear Headphones with Mic

JBL E25BT Signature Sound Wireless in-Ear Headphones
  • This one is the most lightweight and easy to use wireless headsets among the ones in the list.
  • It comes with a multi-point connectivity allowing seamless switch between two devices.
  • The sound design as usual, is of the best quality with decent bass.
  • This wireless earphones is compatible with most smartphones that allows for hands-free calls and easy music control.
  • It has a pretty decent battery life of 8 hours and is backed up by its universal compatibility. It also allows seamless and easy switching between paired devices.

A JBL E25BT signature sound wireless headsets are the perfect budget headset series whilst delivering the signature of JBL, its sound quality. It comes with a multiple size ear tips for perfect fit to suit your ears.

Also, they are lightweight with the best and minimalistic design that would look classy and stylish, decent battery life and compatibility. This is one of the best wireless earphones under 2000.


  • Affordable wireless headsets from a leading brand.
  • You can enjoy up to 8 hours of uninterrupted wireless audio.
  • Awesome sound quality and bass.
  • Multiple size ear tips


  • No specific problem was noted until now.


Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 - Best Budget Wireless Earphones

Infinity (JBL) Glide 120 Metal in-Ear Wireless
  • The designed glide 120 follows completely ensuring the comfort of the user, especially the flexible neckband that supports the earphone in place.
  • You get an average sound and bass quality with this budget headsets brought to you by infinity.
  • It comes with a dual equalizer modes for normal & deep Bass output
  • Also, the headset is IPX5 sweatproof and thus, you can make it your favorite gym accessory.
  • The battery life is also pretty decent, with a maximum life of up to 7 hours.

The infinity glide 120 is a wireless Bluetooth connected earphone from the infinity that supports connectivity on all devices. Also does not fail to deliver its quality sound and still does not compromise in its strong yet comfortable to use design.

With even IPX5 protection to its minimalistic and lightweight design, these are another pair of best headsets from an established brand that you can get at this price.


  • Flexible and comfortable design.
  • Average sound quality does not disappoint you.


  • The bass quality is poor and is irritating when used in high volume.


OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Earphones

OPPO ENCO M31 Wireless in-Ear Bluetooth Earphones
  • These lightweight earphones from OPPO us compatible with almost all the devices that have Bluetooth connectivity and the pairing process is made even faster with the Bluetooth5.0 feature.
  • Although the sound quality is amazing, the battery capacity is another sure a reason to include it in the list.
  • It has an average battery life that can be used for 180 minutes after just 18 minutes of leaving it to be charged.
  • It is water, dust, and sweat-resistant, which makes it low budget earphones perfect to be taken along with you as a gym accessory.

The OPPO ENCI M31 is a wireless from the OPPO family that is limited to our features but supposedly works in the range that is almost as three times more than that of the usual earphones.

It comes with an IPX5 technology that takes care of damage caused by dust and water.  The ultra-stylish earphones sure way better than what it costs.

Thus making your money totally worth it and providing a long-lasting good quality audio experience. Just go get these for a cheap cost and high-quality earphones.


  • Amazing sound and bass quality.
  • Affordable.
  • Offers basic protection against dust, water, and sweat.


  • The microphone attached does not have good life comparatively.


Noise Tune Active Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Noise Tune Active Bluetooth Neckband Earphones
  • Although the earphones are not so lightweight as compared to the ones ahead in the list, the design is stylish and at the same time, protects the earphones.
  • It has a below-average battery life of 10 complete hours since fully charged.
  • The earphone has a decent sound quality and also provides the earphones with IPX5 protection.
  • Since it has tune Active feature magnetic Ear tips, they snap together conveniently around your neck when not in use.

Next up in the list of best wireless earphones under 2000 is the Noise tune active which is a wireless Bluetooth earphone from the noise that is inclusive in our budget and has features that are pretty decent enough and does not give you a disappointment in the overall user experience.

This might hit you by surprise, yet these earphones are replay helpful, and the battery life is unbelievably great. So what are you waiting for? Get one of the best wireless earphones under 2000!


  • Good design and connectivity.
  • Dual pairing support.
  • Average sound and bass quality that does not disappoint the user.


  • The earphones turn off at 30% battery charge.


Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

  • The Mi neckband is lightweight and skin-friendly, made from a skin-friendly rubber and plastic that makes it flexible and easy to use.
  • It delivers high-quality sound with triple-band equalization and dynamic bass. Now you can listen to your favorite songs the way they should be heard.
  • It has an average battery life of 8 hours, which is a bit disappointing at times.
  • This comes with a dynamic bass output with tri-band equalization.
  • This earphone supports voice assistant that enables you to navigate, take calls and play music of your choice.

And the last one in our list of best wireless earphones under 2000 is from Mi; of course, there were a lot of earphones that could have been added to the list, but considering the quality this Mi neckband delivers, it should definitely be on the list without a doubt.

These bands are just perfect for its design and the triple-band equalization feature is taking into consideration the complete comfort and audio experience of the users. Just get one of these to experience audio with no treble and deep bass quality.


  • Amazing sound quality, and the dynamic bass feature is sure worth the buy.
  • Super comfortable design.
  • Skin-friendly and lightweight


  • slow charging.


So these are our finds from the market that will be best suited to, but if you are looking for a wireless headset under ₹2000.

There are other earphones that are available within the budget, but after considering several factors that contribute to making a perfect buy, we are sure that your budget earphone is one within the list above.

I hope you find what you are looking for! Now go make your move and get the best earphones under just ₹2000.

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