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BSNL Latest Postpaid Plans: Which One Will Work Best For You?

BSNL Latest Postpaid Plan Highlights:

• Unlimited calling, efficient data per month and free SMS
• Unlimited calling with unlimited data and no speed cap for Rs.1525

Here is a complete list of all the post-paid plans that BSNL is availing for its subscribers right now. Shipping unlimited calling and attractive data options are Some of the expensive plans of BSNL unlike other telecom operators, the state-wide Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is fighting hard to stand at the top.

The telco wants to kick start back into the business after the data tariff war which was started by Reliance Jio in 2016. To remain outstanding, the telecom operator has been introducing various offers, revisions and plans. For instance, BSNL has been launching back to back changes of its prepaid plans along with new plans to attract the users. interestingly, it also has a wide range of postpaid plans for the subscribers too.


Here are all the postpaid plans that BSNL is offering to their subscribers. Before we go, note that all these plans charge Rs 100 which will be one-time activation payment from the subscribers.


This plan by BSNL enables free calls worth Rs 50 and supports free data usage of 500MB. This plan has also the benefit of free SMS to their users, which makes customers get access to 100 SMS per month. Subscribers should take note that for this plan and all other BSNL post-paid plans will be charged with Rs 500 as a security deposit for local + STD connections. Rs 2000 in case of local+STD and ISD connection, so the overall cost of one-time setup will come out to be Rs 600 or Rs 2,100 depending on your selection of a plan.


This prefixed monthly bill plan of Rs 149 offers 100 free local and STD calls to the users. When it comes to data, this plan unleashes the 500MB of data and also offers 100 free SMS.


The Rs 225 fixed monthly bill also differs in the same manner. This plan by BSNL has the option of 180 free calls for the users. they also get additional access to 3000MB free data and 100 SMS per month.


Rs 325 fixed monthly plan avails 270 free calls. As for the data and other related offerings, this plan unpacks 7GB of data for the complete month along with 100 SMS per day.


This fixed monthly plan of Rs 399 is unique because it has various benefits from others. The plan offers unlimited free local and STD voice calling to any circle. In the entire month, this plan by BSNL offers 30GB free data along with 100 SMS.


This is the only plan in BSNL portfolio of Rs 500 and above offers unlimited free calling to the users in which includes Local, STD and roaming. For data, the plan avails 40GB data for the complete month with 100 SMS per month.


The Rs 725 plan also offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls. The users can enjoy the access to 50GB data in a month with 100 SMS to their credit.


This Exciting 799 Plan by BSNL offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls to the users over and off BSNL network supporting both landline and mobile customers. The subscribers can also enjoy 60GB data as part of this plan and 100 free SMS per month.


This plan in the BSNL offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls to the subscribers over and off BSNL network to both landline and mobile customers. The data offering in this plan is 90GB along with 100 SMS per month.


This is the most expensive plan in the entire BSNL post-paid plans list, and this one also offers unlimited local, STD and roaming calls to the users over and off BSNL network to both landline and mobile customers. The interesting part of the Rs 1,525 post-paid plan is it does not keep any check on data, enabling that subscribers enjoy data without any speed caps. This plan also offers 100 free SMS.


Devices Like iPhone XS and More can be now supported by Airtel eSIM.

airtel esim

Airtel and Reliance Jio are currently the two telecom networks in the country advancing the facility of eSIM to the users. In 2018, Apple advanced the offer of dual SIM options to its iPhone users. Now to stand out from smartphone manufacturers out there, Apple did it differently and kept the SIM slot integrated and started to avail a new eSIM on the phone to allow dual SIM usage at the same time. The eSIM indicates an embedded SIM, and as the name suggests, it comes fixed onto the motherboard of the phone.

This makes the eSIM non-removable from the device, and unlike the manual SIM card which can only work with a single slot, the eSIM can be linked to any carrier and can facilitate easy connection. Presently, in India, Bharti Airtel is the telecom network which offers eSIMs and these eSIMs from Airtel can be operated with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.


n 2018, for the first time, Apple started offering dual SIM options to its iPhone users. Now unlike all the other smartphone manufacturers out there, Apple did it differently and kept the SIM slot intact and went on to introduce a new eSIM on the phone to allow dual SIM usage.

The eSIM stands for embedded SIM, and as the name suggests, it comes soldered right onto the motherboard of the phone. This makes the eSIM non-removable from the device, and unlike a standard SIM card which can only work with a single carrier, the eSIM can be linked to any carrier and can facilitate easy connection.

Currently, we know that in India, Bharti Airtel is one of the telecom operators offering eSIMs and these eSIMs from Airtel are known to be compatible with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and the Google Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL.

Pros and cons of eSIM

Formerly, the eSIM facility was introduced in Apple Watch, and then the technology followed to other Apple products like the iPhone XS, XS Max and the XR. Even during the release of Apple Watch in India, Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel were the only two telecom operators supporting the Apple Watch on their circle.

There are some outstanding benefits of using eSIM, and it is the updated version of the standard SIM card. The interesting fact about eSIM is that having an eSIM would mean fewer chances of water damage and hardware wear since there is no SIM tray which reduces the risk of failure. For the telecom operators, it reduces the time of manufacture and distributing a large number of SIM cards. Relatively, being a new technology, makes it gain less support for eSIMs in the current market which is the major drawback of dropping in new technology.

BSNL Rs 389 Plan Details- BSNL Introduces New Foreigner Plan.


  • This new data plan of Rs 389 will offer 1GB data per day with an after-Fair use policy (FUP) speed of 40 Kbps
  • The plan offers 30 days validity and also has the option of 100 SMS per day


BSNL Rs 389 Foreigner Plan Details:

The Multi-state telecom operator has instigated a new data plan for Rs 389 to short term or foreigner connections. The widely spread telecom operator, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has been continuously launching exciting offers and this rain of offers seems unending. As payback for these series of offers,5,00,000 new subscribers have joined the telecom this February, this telecom operator stands for its net positive of subscribers. In recent times, we are introduced to Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited debuts new STVs, but presently, the telecom operator up with a new Rs 389 prepaid plan which is also applicable for the foreigner or short-term mobile connections. This plan is currently active from May 28, 2019.

Release of STV 56 and Modification of STV 198 by BSNL

Like we said before, BSNL has been lately showcasing a lot of new special tariff vouchers (STVs) as well, that the BSNL STV portfolio has become very firm with plans which can be afforded by various price ranges. Lately, the telco also published the release of the Rs 56 STV. As the plan of Rs 389, this STV is also only available in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu.This STV of Rs. 56 offers 1.5GB daily data to the consumers for 14 days.

Another exciting move from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has been the Improvisation of the Rs 198 STV. Among BSNL data users, the Rs 198 STV was a popular one as it was able to deliver 1.5GB data per day for 28 days. However, to increase the happiness of its users, BSNL made a surprise move to this STV earlier this month and extended the validity by 28 days more, thus increasing the total data validity of this STV to 56 days. Apart from this, the telco has also increased the daily data offering to 2GB data per day. Lately, BSNL has been making consumer-oriented plans to make the company travel along the path of profitability. To Ease this path, BSNL has also extended the 2.21GB additional data offer on a lot of prepaid vouchers and STVs.

How To Get Cellone GRPS Settings & BSNL Internet Settings

In this article, We will guide you on how to get Cellone GPRS settings and methods to follow to get BSNL internet settings. Before that, we would like to tell why Cellone GPRS Settings and BSNL Internet settings are important for you.


What is Cellone GPRS settings?

General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is a packet-based mobile phone internet service on the GSM  (Global System for Mobile communications) of 3G & 2G cellular communication systems. It is a  high-speed, non-voice & useful packet switching technology intended for Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) networks.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) can be used to allow connections depending on the Internet protocols (IP) that support commercial applications as well as a wide variety of enterprises. It enables the sending and receiving of closed data bursts and large data volumes across mobile networks. Before sending the data, this will break into individual packets and shifted through the core network and radio. The data is then aroused at the recipient’s end.

Why BSNL Internet Settings are important?

Cellone GPRS settings provide you to configure your mobile settings with the network operator to use internet and MMS services. All you need to do is to send a simple text message from your mobile to get the Cellone GPRS Settings. The network operator will quickly respond to your message with BSNL Internet setting. Next, you have to save or install the Cellone GPRS settings in your mobile and restart it. After that, you would be able to access BSNL internet on your mobile. Below are the steps to get BSNL 2G/3G/4G GPRS settings.

Steps to get BSNL 2G/3G/4G GPRS settings.

You can ask for the BSNL GPRS settings by sending <manufacturer name> space <model name> of your handset to 58355 by SMS

Example – <Nokia> space <N79> to 58355

After this, you will receive several settings on your handset viz. ‘bsnllive’, ‘bsnlstream’ etc. Just install, that’s it!

You can also reach BSNL Customer care at Toll-Free number – 1503 to get the internet settings

Advantages of GPRS include:

  • High-speed: GPRS offers an optimum speed of 172.2 kbps, which is nearly three times quicker than the data transfer speed of fixed telecom networks. Also, it is ten times faster than the existing GSM network services
  • Instant connection and immediate data transfer: GPRS provides instantaneous and steady network connections, which allow data to be sent wherever and whenever required
  • Cost-effective solution: Reduces the incremental expenditure required for providing data services. This, in turn, enables an increase in the penetration of data services amongst business and consumers.
  • Innovative and superior applications: GPRS facilitates the usage of internet applications over mobile phone networks. This includes browsing, IM messages, e-commerce and location oriented applications. Additionally, it allows for file transfers and the ability to remotely gain access for controlling or monitoring machines and house appliances.

How to install BSNL APN settings manually?

The full form of APN in mobile is Access Point Name, and BSNL APN is the only gateway between a GSM, GPRS, 3G or 4G network and mobile for accessing the internet under BSNL services.

These are the standard BSNL APN settings for data card & other devices also. You can set BSNL APN Settings manually at any time by tapping the settings option from your mobile phone. The presented installation guide will help you a lot to do the same.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Mobile Networks.
  • Tap the Access Point Names.
  • Click on ADD button displayed on the top right corner.
  • Tap the Name field displayed and entered the name as you desired.
  • Tap on APN and enter BSNL APN settings as “BSNLNET“ and then Click “OK
  • Check all the BSNL Access Point Settings once as below
  • Select More at top right.
  • Tap the Save button
  • Once the APN is displayed, select the BSNL APN settings which displayed with your desired name (If not selected).


With this, your BSNL APN manual installation for 3G activation is done on any Android devices and ready to use on the go. So top-up with any of the unlimited internet plans of BSNL to access high-speed internet from anywhere.

BSNL Internet settings for iPhone or any Apple devices.

To access the BSNL internet on your iPhone 6, 7, 8 and latest iPhone 10, iPad or Apple devices, you must configure BSNL APN settings for iPhone or any apple devices immediately, which termed as  BSNL mobile internet settings.

Here we guide you about how to set BSNL APNs for Apple devices. Before that, just have a few things. When you get a new mobile phone or a new network connection, the first thing is the activation of mobile data on your iPhone or iPad. Without the internet, everything is null and void these days.

New generations may not know how people lived without the internet and mobile networks. Internet facility is becoming another major requirement in day to day life. Furthermore, if you own an iPhone or iPad, you are the one who is carrying the most expensive and premium phone.

Please follow the screenshots to configure the BSNL APN Settings (Access Point Name) on your iPhone.

Airtel Customer Care Number – Updated list (May 2019)


Airtel Customer Care Number: Airtel Network has a mass user base across India and it is all because of its reliable network and great customer support. Airtel customer care number &  Airtel toll-free numbers can be accessed easily from India and Airtel promises to solve all their customer issues related to their services. Be it network connectivity problem, caller tune, recharge info, DND, internet speed concern or any other, Airtel customer care makes sure that it resolves all the customer queries and problems at the earliest (less than 24 hours) through Airtel customer care number, email, chat or instore support. In order to resolve the issue and get one’s questions answered, one can easily reach Airtel customer care using their Airtel customer care numbers.

The Airtel customer support personnel are available 24*7 at the support centres to answer all their customer queries and problems at any time of the day. All we need to do is to reach Airtel customer care using Airtel customer care no and choose the preferred language (Tamil, English, Hindi, etc). Once you dial the Airtel customer care no, you can directly speak to the customer care support agent and get your queries and problems solved. Apart from the universal Airtel customer care no, there are local customer care number for people who can get their queries answered in the local language. Below you can see the most popular Airtel customer care no and the state wise Airtel customer care numbers.

List of Airtel Customer Care Numbers

The below Airtel customer care numbers remain active 24*7  and helps the customers to save a lot of their time.

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All India Airtel Customer Care Numbers, and Complaint Helpline

198‘ is the universal customer care number and complaint helpline. The service at 198 is available at all times of the day and is accessible from anywhere in India. Both postpaid and pre-paid users of Airtel can call at this customer care number to get their query resolved on the go.

Steps to follow after calling the Airtel customer care numbers
  • Once you dial the customer care number, choose the preferred language if asked.
  • Then, choose the appropriate topic related to your query such as mobile settings, fixed line, internet, Airtel payments etc
  • After this, you will need to follow as per their instruction
  • If you want to talk to the representative directly, then please follow the below method
How to contact Airtel customer care representative directly?
  • Once you dial the customer care number, choose the preferred language
  • Then, choose option 1 (mobile services) and wait
  • After that go with option 5 (internet settings and other related to the internet)
  • you will need to wait a minute till the computer voice finishes then choose option 9 
  • After that, the computer will confirm that you are connecting with the Airtel customer care representative directly
  • Hold on for a minute and you will be connected with the representative directly.

FAQ’s about Airtel Customer Care No


Can Airtel customer care no be contacted anytime, anywhere?

Yes, users can contact the Airtel customer care no at any time of the day (24*7)

Is there a different Airtel customer care no for Postpaid and Pre-Paid users?

Airtel customers can use the “191” Airtel customer care noto get their queries answered.

How can I talk to Airtel customer care?

Dial 198 from your phone to reach out to Airtel customer care support. You can also call at the state centric Airtel customer care no which we listed above.

You can call the Airtel Customer Care at the following Airtel customer care nos:

  • 0124-4448080 (north) (toll free)
  • 020 – 44448080 (west) (toll free)
  • 033 – 44448080 (east) (toll free)
  • 080 – 44448080 (south) (tolled)
  • 020 40181400 (tolled)
  • 12150 (toll free for Airtel customers only)

How do I lodge my Airtel complaint via email?

If the customer care representative is unable to meet your request or if you are not satisfied with their response, you can draft a mail to the Airtel grievance cell at [email protected]

If you are also looking to get your Airtel queries resolved simply give a call to the Airtel customer care no and live tension free.

About Airtel Network

Airtel is a leading telecom company with operations in 17 countries across Asia & Africa and the Headquarters is in New Delhi, India. Airtel ranks amongst the best and top 3 mobile service providers globally in terms of users. In India, the company’s product offers 2G, 3G and 4G wireless services, mobile commerce, fixed line services, home broadband, DTH etc. In the rest of the geographies, it offers 2G, 3G, 4G wireless services and mobile commerce. Airtel had over 414 million customers across its operations as of March 2018.

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