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LG Looking To Take On Moto 360 This Summer With Smartwatch

Now that the smartphones have taken over the world and just about every single user also has a tablet of some kind, it is time to take a look at some other device that we can buy with our hard earned cash.  That new device is likely to be a smartwatch for most of us and companies like Motorola, Pebble, Google, Apple and Samsung are going to make sure that we have options to choose from.  According to the news this week, it looks like there will be another company that is ready to offer us something in the smartwatch department.

ls-vs-motoLG is reportedly going to be bringing the LG G Watch to the market with hopes of taking on the newly announced Moto 360 from Motorola.  With most of the high-end smartphones taking up the mobile news lately, the smartwatches have been almost silently released over the last few months.  The Moto 360 is the latest model to hit the market and now LG wants to bring the G Watch as well.  Google announced a new operating system in the Android Wear software and now the smartwatches have something to build on.

This week, the LG G Watch has been leaked online and the information includes a possible release date, as well as an actual price you can be expected to pay.  According to one online source, the LG G Watch is going to be “coming this summer” and it will have a price tag that reads just $299.  The same source claims the pricing is from LG and were also able to get some photos to post online showcasing the actual product.  One image shows the new LG G Watch next to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was released back in February.

The LG G Watch looks a little larger than the Galaxy Gear at first glance and it also looks a little less boxy by design.  Google is hoping to talk more about its new Android wear software in June at the I/O Conference at the end of that month.  LG is not going to be the last company to bring a smartwatch to the market as more companies are trying to find ways to get gadgets like this to consumers that they can pair up with smartphones and other mobile devices.

Moto X+1 Details Leaked Earlier This Morning

Motorola brought the new Moto X and Moto G smartphones to the market last year and both of the handsets gave those in the market for a budget phone something to think about what it came to upgrade time.  The Moto G and Moto X smartphones are offered by Motorola without any contract and pricing that is under $200 for either phone.  The phones are quite impressive and there was little doubt that the company was not going to bring new models to the market this year.  All of that has started to change this week as more information about new smartphones has been leaked online.


The brand new Moto X+1 is going to be ready for sale at some point this year, but for now, it is just about the rumours at this point.  A few weeks ago, some details were leaked online and this week a little more information came to light.  The Moto X was the more popular smartphones of the two models and that can be attributed to the fact that it was customizable in so many ways.  Users could log into the Moto Maker to choose the colours and accent colours for the phone allowing for the most customizable smartphone on the market.

The Moto G was a little more watered down than the Moto X, but for the most part, was just as popular as a sub-$150 smartphone can be.  The only catch was that the phones were not 4G LTE compatible.  This time around, that could all change as 4G LTE models are expected for both originals.  The brand new Moto X+1 is expected to hit the market and according to one Twitter account, it will be ready to go on AT&T’s network for $400.

According to the AT&T website, or a page that was put up for the Moto X+1, clearly shows the $400 price tag, but some are suggesting that could just be a place holder for the actual price and what you see is not what the phone is going to cost.  The Moto X can be purchased for just $349, so even with the new design colours that will reportedly be available, the price should not be that much more.  AT&T has not commented at this point so the price is just rumour.  More official information will be available sooner than later.

iPhone 6 Rumors Starting To Heat Up

Samsung, HTC and LG have all talked about the top of the line devices that are expected to hit the mobile market this year and most of the details surrounding the handsets are known or expected by users.  With that being said it is time to see what the rumour mill has for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple.  Apple was rumoured to be working on two different iPhone models for this year.  One “normal” handset that follows the path of all the other handsets the company released and another one that is larger and could compete with the likes of the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it arrives.


iPhone 6 rumours have been starting to heat up now that all of the other rivals have released specific information about smartphones that are set up to take on the iPhone.  The iPhone 6 could see a significant price jump according to one source stating that it could be as high as $100 more than previous models.  The newest version of the iOS software is expected to be talked about at the WWDC 2014 event coming up and that is just pouring gas on the rumour flames.

Overall, sources are happy with a fall release date, but consumers could see two different launches if the delays for the 5.5-inch model start to play a part in the regular iPhone launch.  Earlier this year it was reported that Apple was running into supply issues for the display on the larger iPhone and that it could be delayed by months after the initial iPhone 6 release.  Apple has not confirmed that, but sources close to the suppliers were reporting it to the media outlets.  Other rumours have been centred on the size of the device and whether or not there will be two models released.

There is one leaked image that reportedly shows an iPhone case that has a display opening that measures 4.7-inches in size.  That would be significantly larger than previous iPhone models, but it does follow the way the rumours have been flowing this year.  iPhone 6 design rumours include moving the power button to the right side and much narrower bezels. The camera seems to be the same as before, but image stability might be added.  A8 processor for power, 1GB of RAM, Touch ID included all in a body measuring less than 7mm.

HTC Sense 6 Update Has Started To Roll Out

For those of you that are wondering about the latest update to the Sense user interface from HTC, you can finally breathe a little. According to news reports from this week, the Sense 6 update is starting to roll out. Even though the rollout is not happening in the United States right now, it has begun and that is a good thing. One source that posts news online shared this week that the update for the original HTC One is getting updated in North America this week.


The problem for some is that North America does not include the United States, yet. The update is close, but for not it has just been reported in Canada. HTC has been doing an outstanding job at keeping its customers in tune with updates that are coming for all of the handsets that are currently on the market. You can simply head to the HTC website and there you will find the progress meter for any and all of the HTC smartphones and where they are in any update process. The website is a result of HTC missing an update back in September of last year, clearly showing that the company learned from its mistakes.

The Sense 6 update has been coming for weeks now, so it is nice to see that some users have been actually reporting the chance to download and installation of it. Sense 6 arrived on the market with the brand new HTC One (M8) model and has had plenty of attention since it arrived. When the update gets to the United States, it is not clear which carrier will be the first to get it to users, but Sprint is typically one of the fastest. Those that have the HTC One from last year on the Verizon Wireless network know that they are likely to be one of the last based on history.

There are a few official videos that have been posted online that show what you can expect when it comes to the Sense 6 user interface update. The update brings a lot of new features compared to the Sense 5.5 update that showed up last recently. Major mobile networks like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have all confirmed that the Sense 6 user interface is currently in the certification process.

iPad Could Get New Features From iOS 8

Just this week, many Apple fans got a little sneak peak of the iOS 8 software that has been reported as coming sometime this year.  The news was not good for those that have the iPhone 4, but other than that, the upgrade looks like it will be a major one and it could bring some new features that Apple has been working on for some time.  According to reports, Apple is getting ready to release the iOS 8 software this year and because of the hardware requirements, it will not be supported on the iPhone 4.


For those that have the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 2 and new, plus the iPod Touch you will be excited to know that it will be a nice upgrade once it gets through the testing phases.  A couple of rumours that hit the web this week include new features for those that have the iPad.  Even though the rumours are just that, rumours, the reports that are posted online are specific that the sources are those with “knowledge of the enhancement in development” for Apple products.  Take it however you like, but any new features for Apple fans are going to be exciting.

The new feature happens to be one that many have seen on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note device recently.  According to the sources, Apple is adding a split-screen feature that will add to the ability to multi-task on the iPad.  The Microsoft Surface-style split screen will increase the productivity options on the popular tablet and will snap two windows side by side when enabled.  As it stands right now, iPad users are stuck with viewing just one app at full screen at a time, so the rumoured feature would be a nice one.

If you want to check out another app, you have to switch the full screens out to do so.  Right now, the Microsoft Surface has the same feature and many that reviewed the tablet really like the option to snap two apps side by side.  With the feature, one could easily be searching through Twitter while watching a video through the YouTube app at the same time.  Because the display measures 10-inches in size, there is plenty of room for both apps.  Samsung has the same feature on the Galaxy line of tablet as well.