Best 55 Inch TV In India [Top Brands + Review]

Here we are to help you and guide you through the process of buying a best 55 inch Tv in India by shortlisting the best ones from the market. The list is made after considering many factors, including customer satisfaction and a user-friendly price range.

The television has also evolved in the following decades just how humans have evolved into a technology-dependent creature. The television sets that were called "idiot box" is no longer in shape to be a box; it has grown in length and has also shred a lot of unwanted weight.

Along with television evolution and the people who have begun to treat it as a necessity, television producing companies also grew in number. With each of them offering something special to make you choose their televisions brand, it gets tough out there to choose one among so many of them.

I hope this helps you choose your television that will probably best suit your choices.

How to choose a television for your home?

As much as television is a necessity, the choice of your television is equally important. You cannot just choose a random television and place it at your home. These are the times you have to be picky.

Are you confused about what to look for in a television? We are here to help. The best 55 inch TV in India listed below with the features that need to be looked for while you buy a television. Take a mental note of the below given points and buy your ideal 55 inch TV in India.

  • Screen size: Always go for television with the biggest screen in your budget price, because a larger screen always makes the television watching experience delightful. Sometimes, the biggest one might not fit in your house, so consider the space available on your wall or room before choosing a television.
  • Smart Tv: Now, most of the televisions are smart televisions that can be a bigger size replacement for your smartphones with Youtube and other streaming apps available on it. If you are buying a television now, go for a smart TV because most of it is smart now!
  • Connectivity: If possible, choose a television that has multiple connectivity options like an HDMI, USB, or any other audio/video input ports. This might always come in handy. 
  • Resolution: A television is all about visual experience, so while choosing, consider buying a television with 4k resolution and HDR so that you don't miss the colors of life!


best 55 inch TV in India


Smart TV

best 55 inch TV in India

Mi Android TV

best 55 inch TV in India

OnePlus Android TV

review of best 55 inch TV in India


Kevin - Best 55 inch 4k TV In India

best 55 inch TV in India
    • The KN55UHD-PRO offers you a complete 4k ultra HD resolution television watching experience.
    • The television's multiple connectivity features are amazing, with 2 ports each for USB, HDMI, and built-in wifi.
    • The smart TV has a screen mirroring option that comes in handy.
      Also, the smart TV works with Android 7 OS, 1 GB RAM, and an 8 GB internal memory.
    • It comes with amazing offers that let you use a movie box for a lifetime. Also, enjoy viewing a lot of content across the world using the content discovery engine.
    • The manufacturers at Kevin offer you a 10-day return policy is the TV is not satisfying your needs or has some defects by any chance.

    The KN55UHD-PRO from Kevin is an amazing smart TV that supports 4k resolution in ultra HD display. When you buy the KN55UHD-PRO, Kevin assures you with a complete ultra HD display and provides you a complete smart experience.

    This best 55 inch TV in India allows certified streaming apps like Hotstar, Zee5, Sony Liv, Voot, Sun NXT, Jio Cinema, Eros Now, Hungama Play, Alt Balaji, Bloomberg Quint, and many more. 

    It also ensures that you get to see the best visual content with its content discovery engine that updates itself over-the-air. Watch and enjoy all these amazing features in complete HDR 10 resolution at an affordable price.


    • The screen mirroring feature.
    • Amazing picture quality.
    • Fast and smooth running smart TV.


    • Customer care is not satisfactory.


    Mi TV 4X - Best 55 inch Smart TV In India

    best 55 inch TV in India
    • The Mi TV delivers a complete 4k and ultra HD resolution and with the vivid picture, the engine enhances your television experience.
    • The television also offers hassle-free connectivity with multiple ports- 3 HDMI, 2USB, SPDIF.
    • The remote control is amazingly easy to use remotely with Bluetooth and provides easy access to streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime.
    • The television runs on the Amlogic Cortex A53 processor that supports the use of all the android apps and Chromecast from your mobile device at a good speed.
    • The patch wall lets you choose amazing content that is trending across all the streaming platforms, that can also be set in multiple themes for a good look.
    • The smart data saver allows you to watch 3 times more content with the same mobile data.

    Mi TV is known for being a complete package of everything that you want in a television. It is an amazing smart TV with a vivid picture engine feature that delivers you the best quality picture.

    The Mi TV also has a Dolby DTS HD 20W speakers that deliver a good possible sound, unlike other LED/ LCD television that requires another external soundbar to deliver that sound range.

    With other amazing smart TV features, this best 55 inch TV in India is really a complete package that is available at an affordable price.


    • Amazing picture quality.
    • Patch wall UI is easy to use.
    • Simple yet functional remote with voice recognition.
    • Smoothly runs all the apps installed.


    • Poor audio performance.


    OnePlus - Best 55 inch QLED TV In India

    best 55 inch TV in India
    • The television supports complete 4k and ultra HD resolution.
    • The multiple connectivity options that allow you to connect with 4 HDMI and 3 USB is amazing to use.
    • It delivers a 50 W Dolby atmos sound quality that enhanced the audio experience while watching television.
    • The OnePlus TV is built on the Android TV platform, bringing you the latest and most-advanced TV viewing experience.
    • It allows you to communicate with your television via the smart remote that has easy access, minimal count buttons, or voice through the Google assistant.
    • The oxygen play from one plus allows you to go browse through a lot of online streaming content.

    The new one plus Q1 Series is a 4k and ultra HD resolution supporting 55-inch television.

    This best 55 inch TV in India also has amazing smart TV features with access to OxygenPlay VOD, TypeSync, quick app Switch, and SmartVolume Control. With an amazing body that is both stylishly built and highly functional. 

    Also, the remote control is as smart and good-looking as the television making it easier to use. What else do you need in this amazing QLED television set with such amazing features?


    • Lightweight and stylish design.
    • Good picture quality.
    • Amazing smart TV features with oxygen play.
    • Fast with 3 GB RAM.
    • Remote with minimal buttons is amazing to use.


    • The wall mount is not as strong as advertised.


    LG Smart LED TV 55UM7290PTD - Best 55 inch TV In India

    best 55 inch TV in India
    • The LG 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV delivers amazing picture quality in Ultra HD while supporting a 4k resolution too.
    • It supports multiple connectivity options with 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports with an additional Bluetooth connectivity that comes in handy.
    • The LG 4k Ultra HD Smart LED TV delivers dtsX sound quality enhancing your television experience even more.
    • The design is simple yet sophisticated and stylish. Thus it goes with any kind of furniture or room.
    • The smart TV has all the popular streaming apps pre-installed and can be accessed via the AI, Alexa, or google assistant.
    • The LG thinQ AI can also be accessed by the microphone button provided you have purchased the separate remotes for that.

    The LG 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV comes with complete 4k ultra HD resolution that sets new standards in the television viewing experience with its amazing picture quality.

    Adding to the visual experience, the true color accuracy delivers every color to detail, thus making the television experience more enhanced.

    With seamless connectivity between other devices and other smart TV features that lets you communicate using two assistants - Alexa and google assistant, the LG 4K UHD Smart LED TV is an amazing television available at this price range.


    • Good picture and HDR resolution quality.
    • Decent sound quality.
    • The LG thinQ AI is amazing.


    • Images and brightness are not sharp enough.


    TCL 55 inches AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV

    • The TCL AI 4K UHD Android Smart TV delivers amazing 4k visuals and enhanced HDR 10 resolution that uses micro dimming to provide the correct brightness.
    • With the AI sound engine, the sound quality is best available.
      The AI voice interaction allows you to access a lot of content via voice itself.
    • The AI interconnection allows you to connect with other smart devices in proximity to enjoy a more relaxed control over devices.
    • Multiple voice assistants that help you browse across more than 95000 hours of content in a single touch.
    • The extremely sleek and stylish design enhances your AI gaming and television experience even more.

    The TCL AI 4K UHD Smart LED TV is an amazing selection that allows the complete control of the television to be carried out by the artificial intelligence system embedded in the television.

    The smart TV is really smart enough to allow AI voice interaction and the AI picture engine enhances the viewing quality by adjusting the needed while you watch the television comfortably on your couch.

    Also, the AI interconnection allows you to connect the smart TV with other smart devices in your home, ensuring an amazing AI experience.


    • AI is amazingly helpful.
    • AI interconnectivity is good.


    • Sound and display quality not up to the mark.


    Kodak - Best Budget 55 inch TV In India

    • The smart TV delivers visuals in complete 4k UHD resolution.
    • Multiple connectivity ports - 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports.
    • It delivers powerful sound with the 24 W speakers on the television.
    • The Cortex A53 Quad Code Processor and Mali450 GPU allows fast, smooth, and the best gaming experience on your smart TV.
    • The smart TV allows voice recognition and with the new android 9 supports more than 5000 apps and games on the television.
    • The television's remote control is sleek, slim, and extremely stylish as the television with hotkeys that provide easy access to Amazon Prime, YouTube, and other streaming apps.

    The Kodak 4K Ultra HD Android LED TV is an amazingly sleek built and stylish looking android TV that runs using the latest android 9, otherwise called as the android pie.

    The smart TV runs smooth and fast, allowing almost all the streaming apps to run simultaneously with the Cortex A53 Quad Code Processor and Mali450 GPU.

    However, this also enhances the gaming experience that this smart TV delivers you. This best 55 inch TV in India is available at a very reasonable price though it has amazing performance, connectivity, and a super-smart design that is fully functional and stylish.


    • Good display and sound quality.
    • Good connectivity options.
    • Affordable price.


    • HDR performance is not satisfactory.


    Sony Bravia - Best 55 inch LED TV

    Sony Bravia
    • The 4K resolution and 4K X reality features provide amazing picture quality with good detailing in the video quality.
    • The 4K HDR resolution is also supported in gaming.
    • The bass-reflex speakers deliver sound quality with Dolby features and provide good quality sound.
    • The smart TV provides easy access to all the content and OTT platforms that are available.
    • Screen mirroring and cast screen are other special and notable features.
    • The elegant and classy design is limited to the television and given to the remote control that provides one-click access.

    The Sony Bravia is a prominently heard name among today's smart TV and it is not just because Sony is a well-established brand.

    The Sony Bravia is amazing in a lot of ways with its picture-perfect quality of video and audio, which supports and this best 55 inch TV in India delivers you with true 4k resolution videos and gaming experience.

    Enjoy the smart TV and its access to a lot of content that is available to you with just a click on the equally smart remote control. Watch, listen and play all at the perfect quality and resolution available at a reasonable price.


    • Amazing picture quality.
    • Aesthetic design and lightweight.
    • Easy access to a lot of video content.


    • Higher price. Not so easily affordable.


    Samsung 55 Inches Wondertainment Series Ultra HD LED Smart TV

    • The smart TV provides a complete 4k resolution with the crystal 4k processor that optimizes the HDR and picture quality.
    • Allows screen mirroring option from any smart device that can be connected easily.
    • It also allows access to the television via multiple voice assistants.
    • The multiple connectivity options also let you connect your computer devices and turn your television into your computer with the personal computer mode.
    • It allows live cast features from anywhere anytime on your television.
    • The home cloud allows you to save files on your television cloud and can be accessed later.
    • It also provides you with benefits on apps like gaana, eros now, and zee5.

    Samsung entertainment series ultra HD LED smart TV provides you with amazing smart TV experience.

    You get to view all the curated content and brought to you from across a lot of streaming platforms at an almost true 4k quality resolution.

    This best 55 inch TV in India works with multiple voice assistants and enhances the gaming experience with an inbuilt gaming enhancer. 

    With an option to store your files on your TV cloud and an option to turn your television into your personal computer, everything about the TV is as smart as they advertise.


    • The picture quality is amazing.
    • Amazing gaming experience.
    • Personal computer mode comes in handy.
    • Cloud storage is helpful.


    • Sound quality keeps decorating.


    So these are our picks for the best 55 inch TV in India. Hope this helps you choose what you were looking for. What else are you waiting for? Just go get one and enjoy the best television experience possible in your living room.

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