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Struggling to find the best set top box in India that fits the varied needs of the entire family? Are you simply tired of recording limitations, or maybe you just want an upgrade?

Whatever it may be I have got you covered with my comprehensive list of the best set up boxes in the market. Some of them are widely used, and you may find their dish network in different corners of your locality. Some are popular in the whole of the Asian market with good reason.

No matter what, proper research always helps, and if you landed up on this page, then this simple guide will help nudge you in the right direction.

That being said, apart from what it offers, the warranty and support, you might want to look for the add on services they have and how well you can design or create your custom package, including the HD channels. So without wasting much time. Lets move on to the article.



A setup box service is a small investment, and you might want to get your hands on a good model that can last you while without comprising on the entertainment every day. Especially these days, coming back to your theatre-like setting and watching your pre-recorded shows is considered a luxury.


best set top box in india

Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box

best set top box in india


best set top box in india

Airtel HD Set Top Box

review of best set top box in India


Airtel Digital TV HD Set Top Box With 1 Month Hd Pack

  • Enjoy the benefits of a single remote for both the setup box and the TV that allows you to pause live TV and record with a push of a button.
  • You also get 5K picture quality with full 1080 HD without the hassle of the HD access fee as included in the pack.
  • With excellent customer service, you also get speedy installation after your order with direct contact with the technician should anything go wrong.
Airtel Digital TV HD - best set top box in india

When it comes to best set top box in India, they are one of the frontrunners offering up to 400 channels in flawless HD quality. You can simply watch your favorite channel in Dolby digital 5.1 surround sound without compromising on the picture quality.

Additionally, you get a monthly pack with a powerful universal remote, an HDMI cable, and standard installation by an executive. In case of any issues, the Airtel customer service is known for their prompt 24/7 services with professional technicians help you resolve problems immediately.


  • Excellent sound.
  • Full HD.
  • Universal remote.
  • Value for money.


  • No, disable channel option.


TATA SKY HD Set Top Box with 1 Month Dhamaal Mix HD Free

  • Full HD includes 7.1 surround sound with exceptional quality and shot on engineered high definition cameras.
  • Your customer services include the installation, relocation services on call, tata sky services that include online classes, live darshan, and cooking shows, and finally, one-year annual service commitment.
  • Full access to the mobile tata sky application that allows you to browse through the TV list and schedule the shows and programs for future.
TATA SKY HD - best set top box in india

No matter what your needs are, TATA SKY has got you covered.

Do you want a convenient 16:9 aspect ration for a better viewing experience? Check.

Do you want excellent digital sound at 1080 resolution? Check.

Do you want the entire TV schedule in the tips of your fingers? Check.

Without any HD access fee, your set up box does it all, including being 3D compatible and the 24 HD channels that they offer currently that can be included in your tailor-made pack.

Pre-arranged packs are also available in this best set top box in India, pre-dominantly wanting regional channels or those looking for English movies exclusively.


  • Many package options.
  • 3D compatible.
  • Good customer service.
  • Value for money.


  • Can get expensive for some features.


Airtel HD Set-Top Box With Recording And My Family Pack

  • Five times better picture quality at full HD without the hassle of the HD access fee with Dolby surround sound for a theatre like an experience.
  • A single universal remote controls both the TV and set up box with simple controls for recording and pausing live TV.
  • You get a full one-year warranty with 24/7 support, and tailor-made packs for your family and installation by expert airtel personnel and technician.
Airtel HD - best set top box in india

Looking for best set top box in India with a little more Hindi centric for the whole family? Then this airtel set up box that comes with the family pack is the perfect solution for you.

Whether it is TV serials, temple darshans, Yoga, cooking shows, or reality tv, this pack has got you covered.

You can also enjoy high definition at a 1080 resolution, and exceptional sound quality with Dolby surround sound that simply elevates the entire experience.

The live record and pause are the cherry on top that promotes the complete convenience of watching TV.


  • Universal remote.
  • Family pack.
  • Good sound.
  • Quick installation.


  • Little expensive.


Dish TV NXT HD with 1 Month Super Family Pack

  • With Dish TV, you also get the flexibility of a wide range of packs from add on to SD packs to your choice of 50 HD channels among the 500 they offer.
  • Other than the 24/7 support you also get a one-year complete warranty that includes everything related to technical services, but excludes returns or physical damage.
  • You additionally get a universal remote control with a family subscription and instant activation and installation process within 24 hours of ordering.
Dish TV NXT - best set top box in india

You probably own a Dish TV as it is so commonly used for its wide variety in HD channels. You get up to 50 channels in full 1080 resolution and incomparable sound quality ranging across a wide variety of genres.

You also get custom packs for you and your family with this best set top box in India and options from 500 other channels depending on your taste.

Additional services and accessories include a 10-meter wire, viewing card, dish, free installation by a technician, a one-month family subscription with add ons, and 24/7 customer support for any technical or miscellaneous query.


  • 5 HD packs.
  • HD and 4.1 surrounds.
  • Free warranty.
  • Flexible SD packs.


  • No return policy.


Dish TV HD with 1 Month Titanium Pack

  • Besides the unlimited recording feature, you also get superior control with the event-based recording feature that allows you to record according to your specified time.
  • You can also transfer recorded content quickly to your external pen drive without compromising the picture quality or the 5.1 surround sound.
  • Coming to its genres and channel choices you get 50 HD and 500 channels spanning across languages that include all the entertainment needs of your family.
Dish TV HD

Dish TV is one step ahead to become the best set top box in India. It has a more high-end version of what you might own, with extra features, and the advanced compression technology designed to enhance your TV entertainment experience completely.

Let us start with their unlimited recording feature that allows you to record live tv with a push of a button with high-resolution channels along with 5.1 surrounds sound technology. 

As the name suggests. It comes with a monthly titanium pack and a universal remote that handles the TV and the setup box. The installation process is managed by an expert technician and is activated immediately.


  • Surround sound.
  • Wide variety.
  • Wide variety.
  • Full HD.
  • Technical installation.


  • No batteries included.


Videocon D2H HD Digital Set Top Box with 1 Month Gold Pack

  • As mentioned, you get a month of gold pack subscription and you get all the gold benefits with 5 times better picture quality and a 1080 resolution.
  • You additionally get a much faster processor and compression technology with an HDMI cable as well as the option of USB recording, time-based recording, and automatic recording.
  • With a universal remote control, get complete control over TV and set up box with single control live TV record, pause, rewind, and pause up to 64 times.
Videocon D2H

Imagine an immersive quality visuals where all the nuances of a theatre is right in the middle of your living room, well that's Videocon.

This best set top box in India also give you the next-level control with a hugely creative range of services. It includes automatic recording without any prompts, forward shows, and rewinds up to 64 times.

The simple user interface ensures anyone can maneuver easily irrespective of age. If you are looking to cater to a broader taste, then you get active gaming and a music player with multi-language support and time recording feature with scheduled recording.


  • Excellent sound and picture quality.
  • Useful services.
  • Active music and gaming.
  • 64x rewind and pause.


  • Customer support could be better.


Dish TV SD 1 Month Super Family Pack

  • Their best feature is their active service station that includes active gaming, ananda for spiritual purposes, and finally live music ranging between over ten genres.
  • You can enjoy full stereophonic sound coupled with digital pictures in HD that highlights every detail with complete visual and audio quality.
  • With more than 500 channels to choose from, you additionally get the multilingual controls so watch whatever channel you want in any regional language.
Dish TV SD

Did you know that the Dish TV sd is one of the best set top box in India and all around Asia known for its flexibility and high rating?

Other than brand loyalty, you also get a wide variety of channels. With more than 500 channels to choose from, ranging across genres, languages, shows, and programs, you get a theatre like a vibe that is versatile to your needs. 

Although the warranty includes every technical problem that you might have or specific services that are not activated, it does not include any physical damage you cause after installation and it has no returns policy.


  • Active services.
  • 3D compatible.
  • Theatre like feel.
  • Multilingual option.


  • No returns policy.


TATA SKY HD Set Top Box with Secondary Connection (Black and White)

  • This secondary connection includes all the benefits of the original plus several active services while retaining the high definition with impeccable detailing and sound.
  • The many versatile packages offered include smart games, Vedic maths, seniors package, Bollywood, Aradhna, local Hollywood, classes, among many others with their trial periods, after which can be customized into your pre-existing. package.
  • You get one year warranty with this secondary connection with technical support and it has no returns policy.

The secondary connection of TATA Sky HD set up box means that this comes free with your pre-existing one-year service package. It is important to mention the consumer ID.  

It also provides you multiple additional services and vouchers including active services and their great pay per view movie rentals to give you that multiplex feel right at the comfort of your home.

Other features that are included in this best set top box in India are live Darshan with recording option, interactive learning with cartoons, Vedic math lessons, and free Hindi and English lessons. You can customize your pack depending on your tastes.


  • Useful features.
  • Excellent picture quality.
  • Good sound.
  • Value for money.


  • Limited to secondary.


This is all about the best set top box in India. If you live with family, then focus on those that offer individual family plans.

If you are someone who works all day and misses out on live programs, then go for something that offers unlimited recording of live shows.

Different setup boxes fit a wide variety of requirements, and it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Ask around, and you will get an idea of what dish network will be perfect for your locality or more widely used for your situation.

Do not merely go for popularity or get swayed by advertisements you watch. They often use big words, but their words doesn't match the service they offer. I hope, this concise review helped you clear your choices.

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