HTC Sense 6 Update Has Started To Roll Out

For those of you that are wondering about the latest update to the Sense user interface from HTC, you can finally breathe a little. According to news reports from this week, the Sense 6 update is starting to roll out. Even though the rollout is not happening in the United States right now, it has begun and that is a good thing. One source that posts news online shared this week that the update for the original HTC One is getting updated in North America this week.


The problem for some is that North America does not include the United States, yet. The update is close, but for not it has just been reported in Canada. HTC has been doing an outstanding job at keeping its customers in tune with updates that are coming for all of the handsets that are currently on the market. You can simply head to the HTC website and there you will find the progress meter for any and all of the HTC smartphones and where they are in any update process. The website is a result of HTC missing an update back in September of last year, clearly showing that the company learned from its mistakes.

The Sense 6 update has been coming for weeks now, so it is nice to see that some users have been actually reporting the chance to download and installation of it. Sense 6 arrived on the market with the brand new HTC One (M8) model and has had plenty of attention since it arrived. When the update gets to the United States, it is not clear which carrier will be the first to get it to users, but Sprint is typically one of the fastest. Those that have the HTC One from last year on the Verizon Wireless network know that they are likely to be one of the last based on history.

There are a few official videos that have been posted online that show what you can expect when it comes to the Sense 6 user interface update. The update brings a lot of new features compared to the Sense 5.5 update that showed up last recently. Major mobile networks like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon have all confirmed that the Sense 6 user interface is currently in the certification process.

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