iPad Could Get New Features From iOS 8

Just this week, many Apple fans got a little sneak peak of the iOS 8 software that has been reported as coming sometime this year.  The news was not good for those that have the iPhone 4, but other than that, the upgrade looks like it will be a major one and it could bring some new features that Apple has been working on for some time.  According to reports, Apple is getting ready to release the iOS 8 software this year and because of the hardware requirements, it will not be supported on the iPhone 4.


For those that have the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad 2 and new, plus the iPod Touch you will be excited to know that it will be a nice upgrade once it gets through the testing phases.  A couple of rumours that hit the web this week include new features for those that have the iPad.  Even though the rumours are just that, rumours, the reports that are posted online are specific that the sources are those with “knowledge of the enhancement in development” for Apple products.  Take it however you like, but any new features for Apple fans are going to be exciting.

The new feature happens to be one that many have seen on devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note device recently.  According to the sources, Apple is adding a split-screen feature that will add to the ability to multi-task on the iPad.  The Microsoft Surface-style split screen will increase the productivity options on the popular tablet and will snap two windows side by side when enabled.  As it stands right now, iPad users are stuck with viewing just one app at full screen at a time, so the rumoured feature would be a nice one.

If you want to check out another app, you have to switch the full screens out to do so.  Right now, the Microsoft Surface has the same feature and many that reviewed the tablet really like the option to snap two apps side by side.  With the feature, one could easily be searching through Twitter while watching a video through the YouTube app at the same time.  Because the display measures 10-inches in size, there is plenty of room for both apps.  Samsung has the same feature on the Galaxy line of tablet as well.

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