iPhone 6 Rumors Starting To Heat Up

Samsung, HTC and LG have all talked about the top of the line devices that are expected to hit the mobile market this year and most of the details surrounding the handsets are known or expected by users.  With that being said it is time to see what the rumour mill has for the upcoming iPhone 6 from Apple.  Apple was rumoured to be working on two different iPhone models for this year.  One “normal” handset that follows the path of all the other handsets the company released and another one that is larger and could compete with the likes of the HTC One Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when it arrives.


iPhone 6 rumours have been starting to heat up now that all of the other rivals have released specific information about smartphones that are set up to take on the iPhone.  The iPhone 6 could see a significant price jump according to one source stating that it could be as high as $100 more than previous models.  The newest version of the iOS software is expected to be talked about at the WWDC 2014 event coming up and that is just pouring gas on the rumour flames.

Overall, sources are happy with a fall release date, but consumers could see two different launches if the delays for the 5.5-inch model start to play a part in the regular iPhone launch.  Earlier this year it was reported that Apple was running into supply issues for the display on the larger iPhone and that it could be delayed by months after the initial iPhone 6 release.  Apple has not confirmed that, but sources close to the suppliers were reporting it to the media outlets.  Other rumours have been centred on the size of the device and whether or not there will be two models released.

There is one leaked image that reportedly shows an iPhone case that has a display opening that measures 4.7-inches in size.  That would be significantly larger than previous iPhone models, but it does follow the way the rumours have been flowing this year.  iPhone 6 design rumours include moving the power button to the right side and much narrower bezels. The camera seems to be the same as before, but image stability might be added.  A8 processor for power, 1GB of RAM, Touch ID included all in a body measuring less than 7mm.

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