LG Looking To Take On Moto 360 This Summer With Smartwatch

Now that the smartphones have taken over the world and just about every single user also has a tablet of some kind, it is time to take a look at some other device that we can buy with our hard earned cash.  That new device is likely to be a smartwatch for most of us and companies like Motorola, Pebble, Google, Apple and Samsung are going to make sure that we have options to choose from.  According to the news this week, it looks like there will be another company that is ready to offer us something in the smartwatch department.

ls-vs-motoLG is reportedly going to be bringing the LG G Watch to the market with hopes of taking on the newly announced Moto 360 from Motorola.  With most of the high-end smartphones taking up the mobile news lately, the smartwatches have been almost silently released over the last few months.  The Moto 360 is the latest model to hit the market and now LG wants to bring the G Watch as well.  Google announced a new operating system in the Android Wear software and now the smartwatches have something to build on.

This week, the LG G Watch has been leaked online and the information includes a possible release date, as well as an actual price you can be expected to pay.  According to one online source, the LG G Watch is going to be “coming this summer” and it will have a price tag that reads just $299.  The same source claims the pricing is from LG and were also able to get some photos to post online showcasing the actual product.  One image shows the new LG G Watch next to the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which was released back in February.

The LG G Watch looks a little larger than the Galaxy Gear at first glance and it also looks a little less boxy by design.  Google is hoping to talk more about its new Android wear software in June at the I/O Conference at the end of that month.  LG is not going to be the last company to bring a smartwatch to the market as more companies are trying to find ways to get gadgets like this to consumers that they can pair up with smartphones and other mobile devices.

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