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Long Rumored Amazon Smartphone Finally Going to See the Light of Day in 3D?

Rumours have been flying the last couple of years about Jeff Bezos and the innovators at Amazon delivering their own branded smartphone. Will this time, it seems like more than the rumours are afoot at the world’s largest online retailer. It appears that a smartphone with some 3D capabilities is prepared to launch this year. Mobile tech centred site BGR just this week reported that Apple’s iPhones and Samsung’s popular Galaxy handsets are the direct targets of the new Qualcomm Snapdragon powered handset which Amazon will be releasing. Also on board is a 4.70 inch True HD 720P display and 2.0 GB of RAM system memory.

While that resolution is slightly lower than popular Apple and Samsung smartphones, the 3D features the phone will allegedly deliver are definitely game changers. Four separate cameras and special sensors are embedded into the handset. It is thought at this time that Amazon could use this breakthrough technology to allow customers three-dimensional browsing of product images on its retail website. This will allow potential purchasers more revealing physical information about products, which could boost sales.

Also, any new Kindle Fires which are released could possibly boast this new technology as well. The company’s FireOS software is on board, and if you are wondering about a name for the upcoming Amazon smartphone, the company has given it the title of Duke. Not as sexy or attention-grabbing as the Fire moniker of Amazon’s tablets, but this product will certainly be selling on the 3D capability rather than its name. Also, the screen itself will not be three-dimensional. Rather, working in congress with the special cameras and a unique software package, the display will be able to simulate three-dimensional effects. The four cameras are mounted on the front four corners of the handset, and by tilting and rotating the phone, the image on the screen in some applications will be seen in 3D.

At this point, there are no hard launch dates or debuts lined up. Also, a set retail price has not been given. But we have learned from Amazon in the past that the company is willing to lose money on its hardware simply to extend the reach of its e-book store and retail website. As of now, there are definite rumours of a late September launch, which would mirror past Amazon device rollouts which appeared just in time for the busy holiday shopping season in the United States. Amazon has not debunked this rumour, but multiple industry analysts agreed that there is definitely a 3D phone in the works.

There are reports that Amazon is currently shopping the phone to major software developers to build third-party support before the much-anticipated handset hits the marketplace. This is far from the first rumour of an Amazon smartphone appearing. And reputable sources say there could be a couple of handsets that debut at the same time. The Wall Street Journal went as far as to say an announcement would be made in June and a late third quarter launch is likely. The announcement by BGR is not uncommon for an Amazon device. In the past, that company has reported exclusively on products such as Kindle Fire tablets and e-book readers and most recently was the first to make the Fire TV announcement.

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