Motorola Sends Out Updates For Pre-Installed Software

Motorola did great work the last few months making sure the popular Moto X and Moto G had the latest versions of the Android operating system installed and now it looks like the company is going to be sending out an update that will bring improvements to the pre-installed software.  Motorola Camera, Motorola Gallery, Motorola Assist, Motorola Help and Motorola Active Display are all part of the most recent update, according to online sources.  The updates can be installed via the Google Play store if you are not getting specific notifications about each one.

The Motorola Camera app is getting the biggest change as it will bring the version to 3.2.144 and allows users to use the volume key as the shutter button.  That works on the phone or if the user is wearing a headset.  Motorola also added bug fixes for the camera but was not specific when reporting them.  The Motorola Gallery is version 200008 and now includes the ability to drag the scroll bar to move through photos faster, plus a new design that will show you more photos.  Users will also have the ability to set Albums as default view and restore a notification bar on some devices.

Motorola Assist will allow users to choose which calendar is used for meeting mode and brings other small bug fixes.  Motorola Help, which used to be called Moto Care, is the where you can find tutorial apps to help you with your new phone.  The Motorola Active display has been updated with some bug fixes that will allow the application to run more smoothly.  If you have the Moto X, Moto G or a DROID devices from Motorola, you have seen some of these apps and might have noticed they have been updated many times since being added to the Google Play Store.

The Moto X and Moto G have been taking the smartphone world by storm and are proven winners from Motorola which barely released any smartphones a year ago.  The Moto X is popular because it can be customized through the website, while the Moto G is just as popular because it offers the quad-core power the Moto X forgot about at a very affordable price.  Getting the updates should be automatic on your device, but if it is not, you can get them by going through the Google Play Store

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