New Moto X Device Rumored Throughout The Web

Whether or not the Moto X is going to be replaced by another version of the device is not really the debate that has popped up online over the last few days.  Instead, it is more about the name of the new device.  According to a leaked image that was posted on Twitter, the device that is going to be replacing the popular Moto X is going to be called the Moto X +1.  The Moto X hit the web last year shortly after Google purchased Motorola and it took the mobile world by storm for the most part.

The main draw for the new device was the price, the fact that it was unlocked for any mobile carriers and the fact that it could be customized unlike any other devices on the market these days.  Now that the mobile world has finally seen most of the confirmations from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One (M8) is out of the way, it is time to find a new device to focus on.  Other than the rumored LG G3, the Moto X replacement is gaining plenty of attention at this time.

The Moto X +1 might just be a rumored name, codename or the real deal, but without confirmation from Motorola, it is just speculation at this point.  The ideal name for the device would be the Moto X2, but that is if the company wants to keep things simple.  Now that Lenovo is just about ready to complete the purchase of Motorola Mobility from Google, the naming could change and who knows what to expect.  When the original Moto X showed up last year by the way of the Moto Maker website, it was the first time that consumers were able to customize just about every part of their smartphone.

Rather than just being stuck with colored cases and covers, users were able to choose from colors for the cases, accents and can even choose a wooden back cover if they want.  All of this happens when the phone is being put together and arrives out of the box the same way you ordered it through the website.  The phone features a larger display, dual-core processor, 8MP camera and 2GB of RAM.  The specs would be expected to get a boost this time around, but we will have to wait until Motorola is ready to confirm.

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