Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Details Get The Web Buzzing

The IFA event that is held in Berlin, Germany each year might be the place where consumers finally hear more about the Galaxy Note 4 from Samsung.  The expected replacement to last year’s popular phablet has been lurking in the shadows for a few months now with little information to be heard about it.  The device is expected to replace the third generation device and it will do so with even better features, hardware and software as well.  This week a number of details have the web buzzing about the new device with the first one being where the device is going to launch.

Even though the Galaxy Note 3 is only a few months old, many have been talking about the fourth generation device for almost as long as the Note 3 has been on the market.  Samsung did tease that the Note 4 would be released during the second half of the year which is about the same time that it released the Note 3 last year.  Samsung held an “Unpacked Episode 2” event to bring the Note 3 to the marketplace just a few months after the first episode was held for the Galaxy S4 last year.

In a new report, Samsung reportedly confirmed that the IFA event in Berlin this year will be the place they showcase the fourth generation Note device.  This does not mean that the Note 4 will launch in the month of September, but the odds are very good the company will be following in the same footsteps as last year with the Note 3.  Rumours suggest that the fourth edition of the popular phablet line of devices is going to come with a brand new, super fast, quad-core processor made from Qualcomm that is built on a 64-bit construction.

The Galaxy S5 did not include the new 64-bit processor, however, was equipped with a Snapdragon 801 32-bit processor from Qualcomm.  Other rumours have indicated that the Galaxy Note 4 will come with support for LTE-A, which is the next phase in data connections passed original 4G LTE.  Verizon Wireless has come forward to confirm that it will be launching the LTE-A network sometime in the middle of this year.  Another rumour indicates that the device could come with a curved display, but that has not been confirmed by Samsung at this point.

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