Twitter Bys a Company That Makes Your Lock-Screen Better

Twitter has not been in the news for buying up other companies in recent years, but this week the company did make a purchase.  According to news reports, Twitter purchased Cover, which is a company that replaces the typical Android lock screen and has been quite popular since being added to the Google Play Store last December.  Cover announced the purchase via its official blog saying that Twitter also believes in the “incredible potential of Android”.  Cover hopes to make smartphones more useful and contextual with its app and the fact that it now has the power of Twitter behind it the sky is the limit.

The Cover app will stay in the Google Play Store for now according to the post.  If something changes, the people at Cover said they will announce them rather than quietly pulling the application from the Google Play Store.  The current version of the Cover app is 0.1.11 and it was recently updated last week. Cover wants to learn the habits of each user, recognize what is going on with their smartphone and offer applications that might be useful based on what the user is currently doing.

Twitter is nothing like Cover, so the curiosity is going to be brewing for those in the mobile world and experts that following major purchases like this one.  Twitter is expected to announce the deal soon and maybe that is when more information will be given about the plans the company has for the app.  Sometimes app companies are purchased and they just disappear and that would be bad for those that are using it, but on the other hand, with the right amount of guidance, something even better can be constructed in its place.

According to the Cover blog, the company was started one year ago and for just two reasons.  The first being the “untapped potential of supercomputers (smartphones) and the amazing power of Android”.  The lock screen replacement offers the right apps at the right time to users without them having to unlock their phones to gain that access.  Twitter and Cover alike feel that the smartphone can work better and be even smarter than people can imagine.  There are many that used the Cover app that are excited about Twitter taking over, so that is a good thing.  It will be a matter of time to see what the huge social media company has in mind for the app.

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